Hagopian Arts

Hagopian Arts is an independent female owned and operated public art initiative based out of West Philadelphia. Founded in 2015 by Kala Hagopian, Hagopian Arts specializes in luminous, meticulously rendered murals inspired by nature. In 2018, Hagopian Arts began the Eco Mural Project, a series of street-level murals aimed at raising environmental awareness by introducing depictions of natural ecosystems into urban spaces. Kala Hagopian was born in rural Peacham, Vermont, and was highly influenced by a childhood spent in nature. She has been a working artist in Philadelphia since 2005, and received her Certificate from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. Kala describes herself as a “fine-art muralist,” specializing in realism interspersed with bright pattern and atmosphere. Hagopian Arts has a great deal of working experience across a large range of clients, including nonprofits, community organizations, corporate developers, small businesses and personal residences.

Hagopian Arts has worked with numerous education and community outreach programs such as: The School District of Philadelphia, Kent County Arts Council, University City District, Cedar Park Neighbors, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, The Philadelphia Women’s Conference, The Offices of Victim Advocates, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Zappos Art, Beautify Earth, Neighborhood Bike Works, The Hillside School, The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, RAW: Natural Born Artists, Shore2Love, The Philadelphia Free Library, The Center For The Emerging Visual Artists, Project Street Art, The Mural Arts Restorative Justice Guild Program, Sobriety Through Outpatient, JEVS Human Services, The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, Horizon House, Fairton Correctional Institute, The Boys & Girls Club, at-risk youth and adults, as well as a range of participants of all ages. 

“At Neighborhood Bike Works, we are thrilled with the murals designed and created by Kala from Hagopian Arts. The color and artwork truly represent our organization, our mission, and the youth and community members we serve through bike riding and bike repair programs. It makes our physical space that much more inspiring to have a beautiful depiction of our mission-based work on the walls.”

Steve Maluk, Executive Director Of Neighborhood Bike Works

“…The murals created for our office truly incorporate the work and its impact on our staff. The be images not only capture the essence of the work we do each day to obtain justice for victims but they provide a powerful supportive visual to the staff. We truly feel the murals will not only brighten up our space visually but will provide an escape for staff and clients when they come in and see them.”

-Jennifer R. Storm, Office of Victim Advocate

        ” We are extremely honored to be the very first recipient of this beautiful schoolyard transformation!  Thanks to the Lindy Family Charitable Foundation and Hagopian Arts our students will now have a bright, beautiful, interesting and interactive play yard. We look forward to the joy this colorful, thought-provoking, educational play space will bring not only to our students but also to the children in the surrounding community. This  “Fiesta Playground” was a dream come true  for the entire  Emlen School family which includes our students, parents, and staff.”The murals and painted play spaces have created a fun and exciting recess yard for our students!  Thanks to  Hagopian Arts, students say that “ Recess is the BEST part of their day!” The artists took great pride in their creations and worked tirelessly to ensure that the children were inspired by their talents!  The artwork that has been created and displayed on the grounds and walls of our school building, allows each and every one of us to see the creativity that we have within ourselves! We can live and dream through the many colors that brighten our everyday play space!  Thank you  again  Lindy Foundation, Lois Brink and Kala and Liv the artists of  Hagopian Arts”

 – Mrs. Thomas, Principal of Emlen Elementary School