We have recently begun an initiative to work with small businesses, building owners and environmentally-driven organizations around Philadelphia to create a series of interconnected murals relating to the natural world. Our goal with the murals is to highlight the beauty of different ecosystems across the planet, and also educate on current efforts of restoration and preservation. Each mural will contain a QR code that links the viewer to this page, offering educational resources and tools related to the specific issues of each mural. We hope to beautify spaces for those who share common goals with Hagopian Arts, while also offering a visual tool of education and inspiration that finds common ground between science, public art and community building.

A Note From Kala Hagopian…
As a young child, I grew up exploring nature and studying the ecosystems of Vermont. I was fascinated by the interconnectedness of my surroundings, how each and every living creature effects one another. Not only did I spend hours outside studying wetlands, fields, and forests, I began drawing and painting the flora and fauna of these environments. This, in turn, developed into a larger interest in ecosystems around the world and our place as humans within these environments, both our interdependence and our impact. I’ve always aimed to express this fascination throughout my paintings and murals, and I am so inspired to directly continue this study through the mural-making process.

Pilot Project – Coral Reef Ecosystems
Our first piece for this initiative is artwork inspired by the ocean life of the South Pacific. This mural is a direct expression of the visual beauty of this important ecosystem, looking at coral reefs specifically.

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