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Philadelphia Blooms

Philadelphia has a rich and storied history of craft, creation, artistry, and innovation. In the late 1800s, Philadelphia became the mecca for the American Arts and Crafts Movement. This art form and philosophy sought to inject beauty, life, nature, and the hand of the artist into rapidly industrializing urban centers. The ornate foliage painted after William Morris (1834-1896), the movement’s figurehead, enliven a vintage map of the area. In the foreground, a giant magnolia flower symbolizes luck and endurance, as well as spring in the city when magnolia trees burst to life. Incorporating meaningful symbols of this era and the city today, local artist Kala Hagopian (the founder and lead artist of Hagopian Arts) hand-painted this mural in a mix of styles, paying tribute to this exciting time that left an incredible mark on Philadelphia. Hagopian Arts is a women-led mural initiative with an environmental focus, specializing in luminous, meticulously rendered murals inspired by nature.

Date: 2024 Materials: Acrylic on parachute cloth, vinyl print. Location: Live at Broad and Noble, Center City Philadelphia

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