Mural Portfolio


Here are some of the areas in which Hagopian Arts can work with you to develop a creative and long lasting mural:



Public mural art complements and enhances the existing aesthetic of any community by highlighting the unique elements of the city or town where it lives.  
Murals existing in main city centers, parks, and neighborhoods create safer and more uplifting spaces by creating a sense of pride and ownership within a community.  Hagopian Arts ensures that each mural reflects the unique identity of its environment because community members are encouraged to be part of the creative process!


Murals and signage for your business bring a unique touch to your space, both inside and out.  You can promote your business by commissioning a one of a kind mural or sign to enhance the qualities that make you stand out to the rest of the world.
Hagopian Arts has worked in a unique array of business settings from grocery stores and creative agencies to restaurants!


Interior murals liven up any room in your home.  Hagopian Arts works with you personally to design a piece that is perfect for you and your tastes.  We can paint in a range of styles to compliment your existing art collection or create a whole new image to fit the theme of your baby’s room, home office, recreation room, kitchen, basement, or any of your personal home living spaces.


Hagopian Arts thrives when we can bring participatory arts to your schools & centers.  Each project is unique to your educational community.  We help facilitate so that everyone works together in planning, budgeting, designing and implementing the entire project.  Collaboration and team building are at the core of this process.
We believe that through participatory involvement individuals take personal ownership within a larger system, inspire personal creativity, and provide team building and strengthening opportunities.


Are your murals only available locally?

Our murals are created off-site and installed as permanent fixtures once painting is complete.  They are completely transportable and allow us to travel with our work.

How do you create murals?

Most of our murals are painted off-site on a synthetic material called parachute cloth. The cloth is broken into sections to be painted and are later pieced together and installed onto a site-specific wall.

Painting on parachute cloth instead of directly on a wall is more durable, enhances vibrant colors, and preserves the longevity of a mural. If there is an interest in community engagement, this process allows a mural to be worked on by several participants at a time in a safe and easily transportable way. In order to make the mural painting process more accessible we assign a paint by number system to sections of the mural that are being worked on by community members.

After a mural is brought to completion in our studio it is installed on a wall with an adhesive gel. Touch ups are done on the wall and the mural is sealed with a UV protectant sealer. Whether a mural is painted with the help of the community or just as a commissioned piece, we use acrylic paint and install murals as permanent fixtures.

How large or small you are willing to go?

We take on projects of all sizes, from small interior spaces to large-scale exterior walls.

Can A Mural Be Painted On Any Surface?

Murals can be installed or painted on numerous surfaces ranging from concrete, wood, wallboard, drywall and brick. The possibilities are absolutely endless!

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Mural?

Painting a mural can take from anywhere from one day to several months depending on size and detail in the painting.

Hagopian Arts designs each project unique to your personal space, community, business, or event.

What education and or training do you have that relates to your work

Education: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, The Art Institute of Boston

Mural experience:

Kala Hagopian is the founder of Hagopian Arts and the co-founder of the former mural and fine art collective Chroma Dolls LLC.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your service?

Initially we base our estimates on a few factors such location, materials, and the square feet of the area to be painted.

How did you get started doing this type of work?

Kala Hagopian began painting murals as an assistant at the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.  Once she learned the mural making process she co founded a mural and fine art company called Chroma Dolls LLC.  Now she is the founder of Hagopian Arts, a family art and mural collective.

What types of customers have you worked with?

We have worked with numerous education and community outreach programs such as The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, The Philadelphia Women’s Conference, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Zappos Art, Beautify Earth, The Hillside School, The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, RAW:Natural Born Artists, Shore2Love, Center For The Emerging Visual Artists, Project Street Art, The Youth Violence Reduction Partnership, Sobriety Through Out-Patient, JEVS Human Services, The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, Horizon House, Fairton Correctional Institute, at-risk youth and adults, The Boys & Girls Club, as well as a range of participants of all ages. Along with personal artworks and community projects, Hagopian Arts works with individual clients, small businesses, and large corporations, creating custom murals that enhance and transform their environment.


What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

Get a good sense of your budget and make sure that you have accurate measurements so that an artist can easily give you an estimate. Really think about the aesthetic that you are going for.


What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Make sure you do extensive research into the portfolio of every artist that you consider.  Their work should demonstrate outstanding quality within each project that they have worked on. Beautifying a space should not be based upon the price of the work, but rather the quality of the artist’s portfolio.  If lower quality for a lower price is something you are considering then you should not bother commissioning a mural.



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