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"Having Hagopian Arts bring to life an idea or a notion or a feeling or a mood, a spark or a thought; allowing their creativity, drive, and passion take over on a wall is like having the Philadelphia Orchestra play a piece of music you have composed. When I was contemplating bringing my suicide awareness project to a wall, there was no question in my mind of contacting anybody else about the project other than Hagopian Arts and, had they said "thanks but no thanks" or had been too busy to take on the project, I am pretty sure I would have just abandoned the idea, because, quite simply; no one else would do.

This is an organization that brings incomparable talent, unmatched heart, and artistic integrity to the process, every step of the way."

-Gabriel Nathan, Editor in Chief, OC87 Recovery Diaries

Hagopian Arts designed two different Eco-Murals for visitors to view and enjoy at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. The gorgeous artwork beautifully captures the flora and fauna found at the Refuge. Hagopian Arts was able to combine both our organization's mission and requests for specific wildlife species with their passion, talent, and creativity. Hagopian Arts brought our vision to life and highlighted lifelike pollinators and wetland wildlife and connected them to the communities and habitats we all share with wildlife.

-Kelly Kemmerle, Environmental Education Specialist at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum

Collaborating with Hagopian Arts brought inspiration and joy to one of our buildings during a time when everyone needed it. The "Hope Medallions" project brought beauty and optimism to the public space during COVID providing a mindful pause and messages of positivity to the neighborhood. 

-Kelly Edwards, Director of Arts+Crafts.Holdings


My husband and I have lived in West Philly and seen Kala's work around the neighborhood for the past several years. When we bought our own home in the area, we felt a piece by Kala would complete our space perfectly. She created a beautiful magnolia mural for the front of our house. It was installed in the spring, in the middle of the pandemic, and has brightened our front yard ever since. We cannot recommend Hagopian Arts enough! We look forward to seeing many more of Hagopian Art installations around the neighborhood.

-Katie Mauro, private residence at 49th & Pentridge

We have had the good fortune of working with Hagopian Arts on two public art projects in the last two years.  Their Eco-Mural series appealed to us.  Kala and her team were flexible, timely, and understanding of our needs during both projects.  One was a ground mural, the other a wall mural; both look great and have livened up two of our public spaces.  We look forward to working with Kala and her team again on future non-traditional art projects!
-Nate Hommel, Director of Planning and Design at University City District

“At Neighborhood Bike Works, we are thrilled with the murals designed and created by Kala from Hagopian Arts. The color and artwork truly represent our organization, our mission, and the youth and community members we serve through bike riding and bike repair programs. It makes our physical space that much more inspiring to have a beautiful depiction of our mission-based work on the walls.”

-Steve Maluk, Executive Director Of Neighborhood Bike Works

“…The murals created for our office truly incorporate the work and its impact on our staff. The be images not only capture the essence of the work we do each day to obtain justice for victims but they provide a powerful supportive visual to the staff. We truly feel the murals will not only brighten up our space visually but will provide an escape for staff and clients when they come in and see them.”

-Jennifer R. Storm, Office of Victim Advocate

"We are extremely honored to be the very first recipient of this beautiful schoolyard transformation!  Thanks to the Lindy Family Charitable Foundation and Hagopian Arts our students will now have a bright, beautiful, interesting and interactive play yard. We look forward to the joy this colorful, thought-provoking, educational play space will bring not only to our students but also to the children in the surrounding community. This  “Fiesta Playground” was a dream come true  for the entire  Emlen School family which includes our students, parents, and staff.”The murals and painted play spaces have created a fun and exciting recess yard for our students!  Thanks to  Hagopian Arts, students say that “Recess is the BEST part of their day!” The artists took great pride in their creations and worked tirelessly to ensure that the children were inspired by their talents!  The artwork that has been created and displayed on the grounds and walls of our school building, allows each and every one of us to see the creativity that we have within ourselves! We can live and dream through the many colors that brighten our everyday play space!  Thank you  again  Lindy Foundation, Lois Brink and Kala and Liv the artists of  Hagopian Arts.”

 -Mrs. Thomas, Principal of Emlen Elementary School

"Hagopian Arts created a beautiful mural for my building!.  It adds so much life and color to our block.  It’s been fun to watch passers-by react as they notice and enjoy the vibrant addition.  Working with Kala was a pleasure: from the design phase through the installation, she demonstrated creativity and integrity in her work. I also appreciated the way Kala maintained good communication at each step of the process. I highly recommend Hagogian Arts and would certainly look to them for any future projects. "  

-Linford Martin, owner of South Saint Bernard LLC.

"From design to installation it was an absolute joy to work with Kala. When we commissioned her to design a mural for our Philly-sized backyard she intently listened to our broad ideas and desire for the feel of the space, coming back to us with a rendering that not only enhanced our original vision of what the mural could look like but elevated it to another level. Kala kept us updated on progress, solicited a few design choices, and was honest about expectations for installation timing. Now that the mural is installed, we are continuously amazed at the level of detail, realism, vibrancy, and craftsmanship achieved even though we see it every day. We never could've anticipated such a positive experience from start to finish."  

-Angela and Francis Rocchi

Clinician 1: “ It is very calming. I love the colors and it is interesting to look at. It makes me feel like I am not inside a building, or blocked in.”

Father of patient: “ It is a beautiful picture and perfect for a children’s hospital.”

Patient: “It’s sick”

Clinician 2: “ It is a joyful celebration of color and greets our patients and families appropriately.”

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Kite Mural

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