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     Murals enhance the aesthetic of any neighborhood by highlighting and honoring its unique elements. Public artwork creates safer communities, increases local pride and cooperation between neighbors, and offers a more beautiful and peaceful environment. Hagopian Arts murals are unique in their attention to detail, meticulously hand-painted imagery, and the importance we place on including a community or client in the design and production of the artwork.




     Public art is a wonderful way to bring a unique touch to your space, inside and out. Using murals to promote your business can help display the qualities that make you stand out. Hagopian Arts has a great deal of working experience across a large range of clients, including nonprofits, small businesses, corporate developers, restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, and more!




     Murals in a residence are an awesome way to liven up any wall of your house. Hagopian Arts works with you to design a piece that is perfect for you and your tastes.  We can paint in a range of styles to compliment your existing art collection or create a whole new image to fit the theme of your home. We can produce a piece that works anywhere--interior or exterior!




     Hagopian Arts is known for our commitment to providing clients with a unique collaborative experience for murals that represent a community. We will work with you and your school, community center, or non profit to create a mural that includes input from everyone who will enjoy the artwork for years to come. This can include online or in-person voting for subject matter, sourcing imagery from the community, and paint days where folks can participate in painting the mural. We believe that through participation in the process, members of a group develop a sense of pride and personal attachment to the mural, causing a chain reaction that inspires personal creativity, encourages teamwork, and strengthens bonds within the community. 




Are your murals only available locally?

     Our murals are created off-site and installed as permanent fixtures once painting is complete.  They are easy to transport and install anywhere--even across the country or internationally!


How do you create murals?

     The majority of our murals are painted off-site on a synthetic material called parachute cloth. The cloth is divided into pieces, painted, and installed in sections to create the finished image. We then meticulously touch up the seams to create a flawless finished piece. 


     Murals painted on parachute cloth are much more durable than the traditional paint-on-wall method: they do not chip or peel and they stay colorful for many years longer even in direct sunlight. Because artwork painted on parachute cloth is painted in studio, we can work on a mural all winter long regardless of weather conditions, and install it in a very short span of time. This method is also perfect for community engagement, as we can bring sections of the mural to your venue and guide participants in painting their own sections using a paint-by-number system. 


     After a mural is brought to completion in our studio, it is permanently installed on a wall with a super strong adhesive gel that dries clear and takes on the texture of whatever surface it is installed on. Touch-ups are done on the wall and the mural is sealed with a UV protectant sealer. Painting public artwork in this method ensures that murals look brand new for decades.


Is there a size limit on your murals?

     We take on projects of all sizes, from small interior pieces to large-scale exterior murals.


Can a mural be painted on any surface?

      Murals can be installed or painted on numerous surfaces, including concrete, brick, wood, siding, and drywall. The possibilities are endless!


How long does it take to paint a mural?

     Painting a mural can take from anywhere from one week to several months depending on size and detail in the painting. If timing is an issue, we are happy to work with you to design a mural that can be finished within most timeframes.


Do you have a standard pricing system for your service?

     We base our estimates on several factors including location, materials, level of detail, and the size of the mural. We are flexible and can work within a fixed budget to make your vision come to life!


 What advice would you give a customer looking to hire an artist?

     Make sure you do extensive research into the portfolio of every artist that you consider.  Their work should demonstrate outstanding quality and dedication to their craft. If possible, visit their murals to see how they have withstood the elements and the test of time. Both attention to detail and mastery of the materials is paramount in this process. Artists must be willing to work with you to bring your vision to life, but they should also have a good sense of what looks best for public artwork, and guide the production of a piece that will inspire awe for years to come.

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