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Eco Mural Project 9: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Cedar Park Triangle, Cedar Park Neighbors, University City District, Philadelphia, PA.

     Hagopian Arts is pleased to unveil a new form of Eco Mural: a printed asphalt installation! Through a partnership with Cedar Park Neighbors and University City District, a large-scale version of our butterfly panel from the Eco Mural Project 2: Symbiosis mural was placed in the pedestrian triangle at Cedar Park in West Philadelphia. We are so pleased to have an Eco Mural at ground level for children and residents to interact with and enjoy. During the first Baltimore Street Dollar Stroll of summer 2019, we passed out flyers and stickers for our neighbors to celebrate the butterfly’s installation and connect with our community. Hagopian Arts was honored to be chosen by University City District to bring this unique form of mural reproduction to our neighborhood, and we look forward to future endeavors with Cedar Park Neighbors and UCD to bring more Eco Murals to West Philadelphia and beyond!

     The species displayed here is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail: one of the many stunning butterfly species of North America. These butterflies frequent gardens across the United States, often found sipping on the nectar of common native flowers. Like all butterflies, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails are pollinators who depend upon a wide and healthy population of flowers to feed upon. Swallowtails support thousands of flower species by collecting pollen on their legs as they drink nectar from deep within the flower. The pollen is distributed to other flowers as the butterfly travels, providing fertilization and ensuring genetic diversity. Pollinators are particularly sensitive to environmental degradation: specifically human encroachment on their natural habitats, use of pesticides and preservatives, climate change, and pollution. For more information about pollinators and links to relevant environmental advocacy organizations, please visit our Honey Bees and Pollinators page.

Swallowtail Butterfly
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