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The Eco Mural Project is a series of ecologically-themed public art pieces that have two goals: to beautify blank walls and educate the public about environmental degradation. These pieces are meticulous in every aspect of their creation: they are diligently researched and exquisitely detailed, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that transport viewers into an otherwise inaccessible environment. Each mural contains a QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone and links directly back to our site. There, we have a short write-up about each ecosystem and the issues that they face with links to environmental organizations.

Click on the images below to access the scientific write-ups and galleries of progress shots.

1: Kauai Coral
Reef Life
2018-090 Symbiosis-9.jpg
2: Symbiosis
IMG_20181127_141006_2 (1).jpg
3: Arowana
4: Amphibians
5: Wetlands
6: Honey Bees &
7: Nautili
8: Chesapeake's Bounty
9: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
10: Channel-Billed Toucan
11: John Heinz
12: Leafy
13: Luna Moth
14: Barn Swallows

We are at a pivotal moment in human history: skyrocketing atmosphere temperatures will threaten human life within two decades. In order to protect future generations, we must simultaneously tackle the three prongs of our declining world: climate change, environmental degradation, and biodiversity loss. Each prong is interconnected, requiring a nuanced and multifaceted approach: we must utilize all the tools at our disposal, including international and individual direct action, comprehensive scientific education, and governmental intervention. It is all the more important to ensure future generations are equipped with adequate environmental and ecological education so they can reduce future damage and repair the mistakes of the past. At Hagopian Arts, we plan to introduce ecological awareness into the everyday routine of citizens by giving metropolitan exposure to habitats in need of conservation. The murals encourage conversation and direct viewers to important resources and foundations that are fighting climate change, environmental degradation, and mass extinction. Given the toxic nature of our political climate, we believe the Eco Mural Project will encourage passerby to focus on what is truly at stake at this pivotal time in human history: our ecological heritage.

A Note from Kala Hagopian:

I grew up exploring nature and studying the ecosystems of rural Vermont. I was fascinated by the interconnectedness of my surroundings, how every living creature depends upon one another for their survival. During the hours spent outside studying wetlands, fields, and forests, I began drawing and painting the flora and fauna I came into contact with. This developed into a lifelong interest in ecosystems around the world and our impact upon them. Through Hagopian Arts, I hope to re-introduce environmental awareness into our everyday routine. In my experience, placing ecological artworks in urban communities begins much-needed conversations about our role on Earth.

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