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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Kite Mural

The Kite Mural created for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia at 4601 Market Street, is one of eight ‘Neighborhood’ murals executed by Philly-based muralists.   The lobbies and waiting rooms that these pieces occupy are dedicated to Behavioral Health Care and are visited by children ages 5-21 and their families.  Each artwork contributes to bringing Philly’s urban street art vibe into the space, creating a place where urban and suburban children of all ages and ethnicities feel comfortable. 

Hagopian Arts created a whimsical Kite-themed mural keeping in mind that the artwork needed to be soothing and calming vs. overstimulating.  The design integrates atmospheric clouds, juxtaposed with kites along with blue-gold geometric patterning integrated throughout.

Date: August 2022. Materials: Vinyl. Location: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

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